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Liaoning Jinzhou 20MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project

發布日期:2020-10-15     作者:諾斯曼      瀏覽量:190

|  Project OverviewLiaoning Jinzhou 20MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖1)

1. Project Introduction:

The project belongs to the national "Golden Sun" demonstration project, which is a solar energy application demonstration project in Liaoning Province, which generates clean electricity and brings two-way benefits. The total installed capacity is 20MW, which is the first large-scale rock mountain power station in China. Combining the local natural environmental conditions and comprehensively adopting a variety of pile foundation methods, the company team pioneered and proposed targeted solutions suitable for rocky mountains, breaking through the limitations of the site selection of ground power stations. After this, valuable experience has been accumulated in the successful construction of more than ten rocky mountain power stations including Yixian 20MW, Quyang 50MW, and Qianxi 40MW.

2. Construction Geological Conditions:

The surface soil of the site is sparse, and large areas of rock are exposed, mainly moderately weathered to slightly weathered rocks. The terrain is complex and the mountain slope is steep. Construction slopes around 30°C abound, and some even exceed 40°C. The groundwater is buried deep, and the foundation construction should not be affected by the groundwater.

Liaoning Jinzhou 20MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖2)

|  Project Features:

1. Combining the geological and environmental conditions of the project, in the absence of engineering precedents, combined with various factors, pioneered the use of [stand fixed]? microporous cast-in-place pile foundation as the foundation type of the power station to avoid damage to the ecological environment, reduce soil erosion and ensure The quality of the project saves the construction cost of equalization.

2. The connection between the column and the foundation adopts the bolt penetration connection form, which has the adjustability of the direction deviation during the construction process;

3. Affected by the special local environment, the east-west wind pressure will have a certain impact on the support structure and the inclination of the photovoltaic panel. The spacing of the bracket array is not more than 8m. The inclination angle is reserved between 30° and 40°, the base position is positioned on the line plane, and the angle is adjusted under strong wind conditions to reduce component damage.

4. The steel piles, columns and other components are made of carbon steel, which has high-strength anti-corrosion properties, and uses hot-dip galvanized anti-deformation measures. The required components are produced in the factory, and the bracket system is assembled on site. The components are connected by bolts with strong stability.

Liaoning Jinzhou 20MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖3)