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Hebei Qianxi 40MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project

發布日期:2020-10-15     作者:諾斯曼      瀏覽量:208

|  Project Overview

1. Project IntroductionHebei Qianxi 40MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖1)

The project is located in Qianxi County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, with a total installed capacity of 40MW. It uses barren hills that cannot be cultivated. The slope of the mountain is steep and the construction is quite difficult. It is the largest grid-connected photovoltaic power station on a rocky mountain in Asia.

2. Construction Geological Conditions

The surface of the site is a large area of moderately weathered or slightly weathered rocks, 84% of which are exposed rock formations and gravel. The mountain has a variety of topography, complex topography, steep slope, average slope of 43°, and maximum slope of 60°.

Hebei Qianxi 40MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖2)

I  Project Features:

1. The site area is widely distributed, the terrain is different, and the stratum conditions are complex and changeable. According to the actual conditions, various foundation pile foundation construction methods are used in the construction: miniature cast-in-place pile, spiral pile, independent pile foundation, and planted bar foundation. In actual construction, the conventional construction technology of screw piles is improved according to the ground conditions. For situations where it is difficult to directly screw and drill, a small diameter down-the-hole hammer is used to drill the hole, and then screw and drill on this basis.

Hebei Qianxi 40MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖3)

2. The photovoltaic bracket is designed as a bracket system with the function of adjusting the height of the bracket such as plug-in, double hoop, etc. to adapt to the natural conditions of undulating terrain;

3. The column adopts the support layout plan that follows the slope, and the single column plan is used for the areas with slower slopes, which reduces the construction amount of the support foundation and saves the construction period;

4. Using GPS RTK technology and basic point conversion technology to complete the laying out of the foundation construction, accurate and fast.

Hebei Qianxi 40MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖4)

5. The layout of the power station is scattered, the construction plots are far apart, and the transportation is inconvenient. The pioneering use of chute technology to achieve continuous pumping and pouring of concrete; in terms of material sorting, the development of slide rail technology facilitates the transportation of materials on the construction site. Speedup the construction progress and save costs.

6. The slope of the mountain is steep, which affects the passage of the equipment, and the local site is leveled. The originality uses the method of towing the rig. The rig is constructed under the traction of the traction rope. In areas with larger slopes, hand-held devices are used to form holes, or other basic forms are used.

Hebei Qianxi 40MW Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station Project(圖5)