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Rooftop 0.88Wm Photovoltaic Power Station Project In Shuohuang Mansion Office Building, Zhongguancun

發布日期:2020-10-15     作者:諾斯曼      瀏覽量:193

I  Project Overview

1. Project Introduction:

Shuohuang Development Mansion is located in the West District of Zhongguancun, with a building height of 75 meters, a total roof area of 300 square meters, and a total installed capacity of 0.88WM. In March 2012, "Suohuang Development Mansion Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Station Project" was selected as the 2009-2011 "Excellent Project of Photoelectric Building Application" by the Optoelectronic Building Application Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association.

Rooftop 0.88Wm Photovoltaic Power Station Project In Shuohuang Mansion Office Building, Zhongguancun(圖1)

2. Construction Geological Conditions:

The area where the project is located has a monsoon climate. The main climatic characteristics are: four distinct seasons, dry and windy in spring; hot and rainy in summer; less snow and cold in winter. The roof construction base is mainly a concrete roof with no large shelters or buildings around, and the sunshine time is longer.

I  Project Features:

Factors such as uneven foundation conditions caused by the construction of the air-conditioning outlets on the roof of the comprehensive office building, and the roof concrete material are considered:

1. Newly build the steel structure infrastructure, install photovoltaic modules on it, and adjust the length of the steel frame structure to keep the photovoltaic array at the same level as a whole, without damaging the original building and not being affected by it, and shielding the photovoltaic modules from sunlight . The photovoltaic array absorbs sunlight, keeps heat and prevents cold, effectively reducing the impact of the environment on the temperature of the top floor of the office building.

Rooftop 0.88Wm Photovoltaic Power Station Project In Shuohuang Mansion Office Building, Zhongguancun(圖2)

2. The photovoltaic system of the steel structure roof is arranged on the roof in a tiled manner, and the load capacity is 0.15kN/m2, which is within the acceptable range of the roof.

3. The photovoltaic array is installed with a fixed bracket.

4. With the aim of ensuring safety, convenient use, and reasonable economy, the fire protection system is equipped with mobile chemical fire extinguishers for the specific conditions of the project, and the large area under the photovoltaic support can be used as a fire escape. At the same time, it can be used as a photovoltaic power station for maintenance and road maintenance.